How do I uninstall Dashlane?

Last Updated: Aug 04, 2014 05:23AM EDT


  1. Dashlane on Mac (not from the Mac App Store)
  2. Dashlane on Mac from the Mac App Store
  3. On Windows

Dashlane on Mac (not from the Mac App Store)


To uninstall Dashlane on your Mac, open the Dashlane application and go to the Help menu and select Uninstall Dashlane.

Destroy Data

This will open the uninstall page. Check the box if you wish to have all your saved data deleted. This means: all logins and passwords, personal information, etc will be erased. Then click Uninstall.

Dashlane on Mac from the Mac App Store

​Step 1. Open Dashlane and go to Dashlane > Install Browser Extensions. Here, you  need to uncheck all three browsers here and run the installer. This will delete the browser extension from all your browsers.

Step 2. Drag the Dashlane application from your Applications folder to the Trash.

On Windows

Uninstall Windows

To remove Dashlane from your PC go into your Control Panel and then the "Uninstall a program" section.

Destroy Data

You can find and remove Dashlane from here by selecting it in the list and clicking on "Uninstall". The confirmation window seen above will then ask you if you also want to delete all your personal data. Click on "Uninstall".

You can also directely go in your Start menu, then in the "All Programs" menu, find the Dashlane directory and click on "Uninstaller" from there.

I keep getting an error message saying that one of my browsers is still open when it's not?

Please press CTRL + SHIFT + ESC and check that there aren't any processes running with any of your browsers. You could also try restarting your computer and running the uninstaller before opening any browsers.

Chrome is still running?

You might need to check that Chrome isn’t running any Google apps in the background:

  • Go to Settings in Chrome here: chrome://settings/
  • Click on "Show Advanced Settings" at the bottom of the page
  • In the section "Background apps", uncheck the option to Continue running background apps when Google Chrome is closed
  • Then close all Chrome processes from your Task Manager (CTRL + SHIFT + ESC) and restart your computer

You will be able to uninstall Dashlane now.


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