Known workarounds for specific websites

I'm having trouble logging in to

Your problem on Fidelity may actually be caused by the way the site obfuscates the login, which breaks our save & credential mechanisms.

If you let Dashlane automatically save the content of Fidelity's login form, it will save the ******* that Fidelity adds to your user name in the login form — it is a script from the web site that automatically hides it for more privacy and security. The problem is that Dashlane thinks those ******* are part of your user name, and mistakenly tries to update your user name saved in Dashlane.

To make sure everything works, you will need here to manually check the credentials details of your Fidelity password in Dashlane, and make sure your user name does not contain these ******* symbols:

  • To do this, please open Dashlane and go directly to the Passwords section.
  • Then look for your Fidelity account in the list and double click on it to open the details for this login.
  • Here, make sure you user name and password are correct.

Finally, probably the most important important part: you need to make sure Dashlane NEVER replaces or saves the login again when you log in. Otherwise, it will mistakenly replace your user name (the correct one) by the truncated user name that has been hidden by Fidelity and which contains *******.

To do that, click on the Never for this website button when Dashlane asks you to save a credential.

I'm having trouble logging in to

Logins that have a login and password on the first page then a PIN number on the second page are out of scope at the moment. This is because Dashlane always wants to put a password on the second page. But there’s a work around:

Create a second login for that site, and call it PIN so you can tell it apart from the original one. Then put anything in the login field but put your PIN number in the “Password” field. Then, when you get to the second page, you can click in the field and choose your PIN login and Dashlane will fill in your PIN.

I'm having trouble logging in to

You need to open the details for your password in Dashlane and then uncheck “Always log me into the website”.

Then, you need to go to this site via your browser and not by clicking on it from Dashlane. This is because the automatic login won’t work for this site.

If you go to the site from your browser (by typing in in your browser), Dashlane will fill in the first two fields with your login info. Then the Last Name field will appear. You need to click in the Last Name field to fill this in and log in.

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