How to manage my authorized devices

You can view all approved devices linked to your Dashlane account by signing in to the Web app. Then, click on your email at the top right and go to the Your Devices tab.

From here, you can see when each device was granted access. By clicking on a device, you can rename it or disable the access.

Please note that if you click on De-authorize, you will lose all your data on that computer. This is only important if you don't have sync enabled. With sync enabled, you can delete all of the devices on this list without risk of losing any data.

I received an email saying I tried to authenticate Dashlane from a new device, but I didn't?

You need to authorize your computer when you connect to the Web app online, and you need to re-authorize your account if you use a different browser or if you empty your browser's cache or delete your cookies. This means that sometimes you will end up with a few duplicates of your computer.

You can use the icons to the left of your devices to tell where they come from. You will see a Windows icon for PCs, an Apple icon for Macs, iPads and iPhones, a smartphone for Android phones and a globe for the Web app.

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