Dashlane does not work... what should I do?

While our team works tirelessly to bring you the best application quality we possibly can, issues are sadly bound to occur.

Some may happen because of a conflict between Dashlane and another application/extension running on your machine; some may be very specific to a rare environment; and some unusual ones may affect our users on a larger scale.

In this article, you will find tips and content designed to walk you through the main issues currently being raised by our users. If you have an issue or question that is not listed here, do not worry: it may be covered in another article. Also, you can always reach out to our Support team via our available communication methods!

Dashlane does not work on any website in my browser

On Windows and macOS, Dashlane works with an application and a browser extension. The Dashlane extension communicates with the Dashlane application installed on your machine and is responsible for analyzing webpages and auto-filling your data. If Dashlane does not automatically enters your passwords and data on any website, we need to look at your Dashlane browser extension! This page will guide you through the recommended steps to be followed in such a situation. 

Dashlane does not work on one or multiple specific websites

We try our best to operate on every possible field, on every possible website, but sadly there are exceptions. If you run into a website where Dashlane does not automatically autofill your passwords and data where it normally should, please refer to this article in order to try some very easy and lightning-quick solutions. 

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