How to use the MacBook Pro Touch Bar with Dashlane

We’re excited to announce Dashlane with Touch Bar support for Apple’s latest line of MacBook Pro laptops!

With Dashlane and Touch Bar support, all your passwords are now just one touch away. Here’s a preview of what you can expect.



In order to use this feature, please make sure that your own a MacBook Pro with Touch Bar, and that you have a least Dashlane 4.7.0 installed. 

How to use the Touch Bar with Dashlane

The options provided by your Touch Bar with Dashlane are contextualized. Depending on where you are in your Dashlane app, the options provided will vary.

One-Touch login

If you are on your Dashlane login screen: log-in or create a new Dashlane account using the Touch Bar.


Add, edit, change, and share Passwords

After signing-in to your Dashlane account, you can add new passwords, share passwords, change passwords with Password Changer, and search for a credential within Dashlane.


You can also do the following actions.

Manage work and personal credentials in Spaces

If you’re a member of a Dashlane Business account, simply tap the Spaces icon to view credentials in your work or personal Space.


One-Tap auto-login

Tap ->] to log-in to your favorite websites using the Touch Bar! Dashlane will display your frequently used websites right at your fingertips.


Search for passwords

Tap 115002132645_5.png to see options for viewing and sorting your passwords. Find the credentials you want, when you need them. Use Dashlane’s filtering options to search for credentials by name, category, and usage on Touch Bar.


Share and change passwords

When you open a saved credential, your Touch Bar will display options to go to the website, copy the password to your clipboard, and share the credential.


Customize your Touch Bar experience

With Touch Bar, you can also customize Dashlane’s default shortcuts to optimize your workflow. For instance, you can add “Copy login”, remove the "Share" button, or rearrange the order of the shortcuts in your Touch Bar. To customize your Touch Bar settings for Dashlane, open the app, click on the upper Dashlane menu, select Customize Touch Bar and you’ll see all of the available shortcuts. Then, simply drag and drop your favorite shortcuts down to Touch Bar to use them.


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