Can I have multiple domains for my Dashlane Business account?

Your Dashlane Business account can have multiple company domains used to identify items that should live within the Business Space. This is beneficial if your company uses multiple subdomains or has previously changed domains and still uses both.


To benefit from this feature, your company admin will need to enable the Force company items to the company space setting under the Smart Space Management section within the Admin Console. Next, the company domains must be entered in the field next within the Company domains section without “@” or spaces and must be separated by a semicolon.


Once in play, all items associated with these company domains will be forced to the Business Space and will be restricted from being moved to the Personal Space. If the setting Remove company items for revoked users is enabled, those same forced items will be automatically removed from a user’s Dashlane account when they're revoked from the Dashlane Business account.

If the Force company items to the company space setting is disabled, Dashlane will only suggest Space attribution based on your set domains when new items are saved in Dashlane and account users won’t be prevented from moving items from Space to Space.

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