How to disable Dashlane on specific websites for your Dashlane Business account

Your Dashlane Business account can be customized to disable Dashlane on specific websites. By enabling this feature, both auto-login and autofill will be disabled by default and can only be re-enabled by a company admin. This feature is beneficial if your company prefers to have Dashlane disabled permanently on a specific website for all users on the Business account.


To enable this feature, your company admin will be required to enter website domains under the Disable auto-login and autofill on these websites setting under the Browser Extension section within the Admin Console. All users will be restricted from using Dashlane on these websites unless they are revoked from the account by the company admin or if the item lives within the Personal Space. In order for this change to reflect, all users must first log out and back into their Dashlane app.

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