Two-step verification by Dashlane

You can use Dashlane on your mobile device as an authenticator app for easy login to accounts that you use two-step authentication to access. You can store, generate, and display unique six-digit security codes right in Dashlane to finish the login process to your most important accounts.

This feature works the same way as Google Authenticator or any other 2FA application, with two very nice exceptions:

  1. The six-digit temporary security codes are synced between all your devices if you are Premium.
  2. The six-digit temporary security codes are shared along with the password when you share a credential with others using our Sharing feature.

However, you cannot use Dashlane as an authenticator app to log into your Dashlane account. This would be the same as leaving your car keys in the car and locking them inside.

How to enable the feature

First, you need to install the Dashlane app on a mobile device (Android or iOS) and log into your account.

Then, find the credential you wish to add Two-step verification to and tap the pencil button at the top right corner of the screen.

In the edit view, you will see the new Verification code section with the GENERATE WITH DASHLANE button below. Please tap it.


You will then be prompted to allow Dashlane to take pictures and record video. Please allow it.

Note that on some devices, if the Google services are not installed, Dashlane will offer to download the Barcode Scanner app to handle the following steps.


Your device's camera will be turned on and displayed. You now need to point it to the QR code on your other screen. As mentioned on your mobile device's screen at that point, you will need to start the process of adding a two-factor authentication on the website, from another device, before having any QR code to scan.


Once the QR code has been successfully scanned, you will get back to the credential edit view and you will be able to notice that there is now a six-digit security code displayed with countdown wheel. You can tap the check mark at the top right of the screen to save the modification.


You can now see and copy the security code from your credential in Dashlane on all platforms (if you are Premium) except the Web App where it should be available in a near future. Please note that if you have an Apple Watch, you will be able to get the security codes from it as well.

On Android:


On Windows:


Autofilling Two-step verification codes

When the Two-step verification feature is enabled, temporary codes are generated within your Dashlane app for the various services that you used and enabled this feature with. Currently, you must open your Dashlane app each and every time to retrieve these codes. We know this isn't ideal, and are currently working on an exciting solution to this problem. You will soon see these codes autofilled by Dashlane, just like a regular password. This feature is a work-in-progress, and part of our new Web extension testing phase with a slow roll-out planned for the weeks and months to come. You will soon see this feature made available within your Dashlane application. Stay tuned!

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