How to create and manage groups for your Dashlane Business account

The Group Sharing feature allows Dashlane Business users to easily and efficiently share Passwords and Secure Notes. Onboarding employees and ensuring they have the necessary passwords has never been easier.

What is Group Sharing?

Group Sharing is a feature exclusive to Dashlane Business which allows admins to organize users on a Dashlane Business account into groups, creating a more secure and efficient sharing experience for your company. Using this feature, admins can create groups based on departments or your company's specific needs. Then end users (or admins) share items to these groups. By doing so, you create an organized environment for your company's secure information and save time when on-boarding and off-boarding employees. 

Why use Group Sharing?

Using Dashlane's sharing feature is secure whereas sharing sensitive data in emails or text messages is not.

Each time you share a password or any sensitive information by email, the information is saved in plain text in:

  • The 'Sent' folder in your email provider's inbox
  • The 'Sent' folder on all other devices connected to your inbox
  • Your email provider's servers
  • Your recipient’s email provider's servers (which may actually include several different locations and data centers)
  • Your recipient’s computers or devices

Sharing information through instant messaging apps is also not secure, as the information is usually not encrypted and is sent in plain text on the network. This means your information could be read by the company running the messaging service and conversations are also generally saved in the history by these applications.

However, by using Dashlane's Sharing feature, your data is encrypted using the best encryption system before even being sent over the Internet. For more information on security and encryption, please click here.


To use Group Sharing you must have a Dashlane account and be part of a Dashlane Business account. Your Dashlane desktop app also must be upgraded to version 4.8.1 or higher. Please note that Group Sharing was designed strictly to work for groups created within your own Dashlane Business account and not with other Dashlane Business, Premium, or free accounts. Admins must first create a group before end users can begin using the feature.

Managing groups

Creating groups


To create a group, admins must locate the Manage Groups tab within the Admin Console and click the green + New group icon. Next, enter a group name and click OK. If a group already exists, Dashlane will display it here. Note: group names must be unique.

Renaming groups


To rename a group, locate the Manage Groups tab within the Admin Console and click on the group you wish to rename. On the next page, click on the group name again to populate the edit field. Enter a new group name and hit your Enter key. 

Deleting groups


To delete a group, locate the Manage Groups tab within the Admin Console and click on the group from the main page. On the next page, click on Delete Group at the top-right corner of the screen. Enter the name of the group you wish to delete (case sensitive) and click Delete. This is done as a precaution to prevent accidental deletion of groups.

Deleted groups cannot be recovered. If a group is accidentally deleted, an admin will have to recreate the group and invite users to the new group. Then users will be able to reshare passwords within the new group. Note: if a group is deleted, only the original password owner will retain the password.

Managing group members

Inviting group members


To invite group members, locate the Manage Groups tab within the Admin Console and click on the group you wish to invite members to. On the next page, click on the green + Add members icon at the top-right corner of the screen. Enter the email address(es) of the member(s) you would like to invite and click Add.  The member(s) will receive an email notification stating to either accept or deny the invitation to the group within the Dashlane app's Sharing Center. Since Admins are not required to be members of all groups, they will need to enter their email address during the member invite process when they would also like to be added to a group.

Note: end users will only receive an email to join a group. Users will not receive additional communications when items are shared with that group.

Viewing invite status


To view invitation statuses for each group, locate the Manage Groups tab within the Admin Console and click on the group you wish to view. On the next page, the email addresses of all group members will be displayed along with the status and Role displayed to the right. When a group invite has not been accepted or declined, it will be listed as Pending.

Once the member accepts, the member will be listed as Member. If the group member declines the invite, they will be removed from the group. Any group member acceptance or decline will prompt an email to the business Admin.

If you need to re-invite a member in case they did not receive the invite, locate the member from the list, click on the trash can icon, and click on Remove user. Next, add the member again by clicking on the green + Add members icon at the top-right corner of the screen and entering their email address.

If users are having trouble receiving emails from Dashlane, please add domain to your email whitelist.

Revoking group members


To revoke group members from a group, locate the Manage Groups tab within the Admin Console and click on the group you wish to view. On the next page, locate the member from the list and click on the trash can icon. To confirm, click on Remove user.

Sharing items within groups

Once your user groups are all set up, you can start sharing items within groups, which can be done by group members and admins alike from the Dashlane application. Please refer to this dedicated article for more information.

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