Zero-Knowledge Account Recovery

Dashlane Business has the first Zero-Knowledge Account Recovery Feature for end-users who have forgotten their Master Password. This patent pending implementation preserves a zero-knowledge architecture while giving users and admins added peace of mind that they won't need to reset all their passwords if they forget their Master Password. We've begun rolling out Account Recovery to Dashlane Business customers, and we'll continue to make Account Recovery available to all Dashlane Business customers by 2018.

Overview of Zero-Knowledge Account Recovery:

  • Account Recovery is a simple and secure way for Dashlane Business users to recover access to their Dashlane accounts and reset their Master Password
  • Once an admin has enabled Account Recovery, team members can request an admin's approval to recover access to their account should they forget their Master Password
  • A user's entire vault is recovered - i.e data within Personal Space and Business Space - however, admins do not have access to users' personal information at any point in the recovery process

NOTE: Dashlane does not send or store any users' Master Password on its servers.

To learn more about this feature and others visit our blog article Introducing Dashlane Business 2.0

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