What is Dashlane's support for Intel® SGX?

In 2017, Dashlane launched support for Intel® Software Guard Extensions (SGX) – a powerful new security technology built into all 7th Gen Intel® Core™ processors, making it possible to protect your passwords with hardware-enhanced security — something that’s never been possible on PCs before.

What is Intel® SGX and what does it have to do with Dashlane?

In the event of yet another massive data breach, this backend technology would ensure that your stored data is rendered useless to hackers.

Indeed, with Intel® SGX support, Dashlane protects you to the very core of your PC: the silicon. When Dashlane security architecture is combined with Intel® SGX, an additional encryption key will be tied to the device and sealed to the secured chip. Once data is secured there, it’ll be out of reach to advanced malware and threats, even if your computer has already been compromised or stolen. This will provide you with an unparalleled layer of hardware-based protection against identity theft, data breaches, malware, and other cyber threats.

I can't log in to Dashlane and receive an SGX error


If you receive the "Decryption with Intel® SGX is currently unavailable" pop-up while attempting to sign in to your Dashlane account, it would indicate that your device no longer supports SGX, and therefore we've disabled our usage of this functionality for your Dashlane account.

As this usually happens when your SGX drivers are not up to date, we would recommend that you download the latest ones available from this page and update them.

When confirming and clicking OK from the pop-up above, you will be prompted to re-authorize your device with a security code (or any alternative method chosen for your account). Once authenticated, you will then be able to continue using your Dashlane account without the additional encryption layer offered by Intel® SGX. 

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