How to set up Touch ID for Dashlane on macOS

You can now quickly and securely unlock Dashlane on macOS using Touch ID without having to type your Master Password. This article explains how to use this simple security feature. 

Note: Touch ID is only available on macOS devices equipped with a Touch Bar. You will also be needing version 5.4 of Dashlane, or any version superior to that. 

How to enable Touch ID

In order to make Touch ID available in Dashlane on your Macbook, you will first need to enable it in your device settings. Please refer to this Apple tutorial for more information on how to proceed.

Now, if you are a new Dashlane user, you should see the pop-up message below appear inviting you to enable Touch ID. If you are now a new user, you also can enable it manually at any time from your Dashlane, by navigating to Preferences > Security > Basic settings tab > Unlock with Touch ID.

A few things to know about Dashlane's support for Touch ID

  • The Touch ID feature on macOS only allows you to unlock access to your Dashlane account- as you browse the Web and may need to confirm your Dashlane Master Password upon autofilling sensitive information, your fingerprint will not be an option then
  • If the Touch ID screen shakes upon entering your fingerprint, it means it is not a match for the one stored on your device. If the issue persists, we recommend that you try removing your stored fingerprint and enter it once again
  • You will always be able to use your Dashlane Master Password as an alternative authentication method to Touch ID- simply click on the "Cancel" button that shows on any Touch ID prompt
  • Fingerprints are only saved locally- the setting will not be synced across multiple Macbooks
  • Enabling Touch ID in Dashlane will disable the "Remember Master Password" checkbox in your app's Preferences

What happens if I change my fingerprints?

If you decide to change your fingerprint or add new ones after enabling the feature in Dashlane, it will cause the Touch ID feature to be disabled in Dashlane. The next time you log in to your Dashlane app, a pop-up message, will appear and prompt you to re-enable the Touch ID feature. 

Does Touch ID replace my Master Password completely?

Touch ID is an efficient and secure way to lock and unlock your device. Instead of entering your Master Password, Touch ID can read your fingerprint and unlock the app.

However, your account data remains encrypted with your Master Password in Dashlane, and so your Master Password will still be required to enable/disable certain advanced settings, to autofill sensitive information on the Web, or as you sign in to your account on other devices. 

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