Dashlane does not work in your browser

Dashlane browser extensions are normally installed automatically when you open a new Dashlane account on Windows or macOS.

However, if Dashlane doesn't work in your browser (that is, if Dashlane doesn't auto-fill or auto-log for you), please note that you can install or re-install Dashlane browser extensions directly from your Desktop app.

To do so, please:

  • On Windows, open Dashlane and go to Extensions
  • On macOS, open Dashlane and go to Dashlane → Install browser extensions.

From this menu, please choose your usual browser and proceed to install its extension. If that doesn't solve your issue, we would recommend restarting your machine, in order to refresh the communication between your Dashlane application and Dashlane browser extension. Should the issue persist, please follow one of the links below depending on which browser you're using:

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