How to find any password generated by Dashlane

If you forgot to save the new password Dashlane has generated when replacing your older password on a site, you won't be able to log in to this site using Dashlane and you might even not know what your password is.

Don't panic! Password history is here for you. Dashlane keeps a log of all password changes and all passwords it has generated.

You can see how to do this by watching the short video below:

See your Password history

You can use this tool to find any passwords that have been changed in Dashlane, including all passwords that have been generated by Dashlane and the passwords generated by Password Changer. Even if the password wasn't saved to a password item, Dashlane will have kept a log of it.

As shown on the screenshot below, you will even be told if a password was Generated only (generated using Dashlane but not saved in the app) or Previously saved (previously saved in the app but since replaced by a new password).


To access your Password history (available only on Windows and Mac OS X):

  1. Open the Dashlane application
  2. Select Tools in the menu bar at the top of the window/screen
  3. Choose Password history


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