What to do if I get a "Please check your Internet connection" message?

Please make sure that you have properly set up any proxy or firewall that you may be using on your computer. If you are unsure of whether you have a proxy or firewall, you can check by going to your Control Panel → Network and Internet → Network and Sharing Center on Windows. There, you will see if you have a proxy or firewall on your computer. 

If you're using a firewall, please make sure that it is not blocking Dashlane.

Proxies are normally used for networks in a company. Unfortunately, there are many proxies that we do not support yet, especially some authenticating proxies — it's coming soon! Until then, you can access your account via the Web app.

Also, you may want to check if your anti-virus software is covered on this article of ours here. If so, you could configure it by following the instructions outlined on the article.

If you're not using a proxy or firewall but you're still having a connection problem, then you might need to change some Internet settings. 

How to change your Internet settings to enable Dashlane

 If you always get the message "Please check your Internet connection" after launching Dashlane on your computer, there might be a conflict with your Internet settings.

In order to make Dashlane work properly and once you have checked that there is no proxy running, please go to Control Panel → Network and Internet → Internet Options → Connections → LAN Settings and disable all the options, as shown in the video below.

You can check the following video to see how to proceed:


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