How to stop Dashlane from signing in automatically to a website?

Note: Automatic login and password learning is only available on Windows and MacOS.

Disable automatic login for one or more credentials

If you want to prevent Dashlane from automatically signing in to a specific website, open Dashlane and search for your credential in the Passwords section. Then open the credential details and disable the option Always log me into the website there.

When you change this option and click OK, Dashlane will change this for all your other credentials which are saved for the same website.

On Windows and macOS, you can change this option for multiple credentials by selecting them all first and then right-clicking on one of them.

Disable automatic login for all future credentials that will be saved in Dashlane

The default option in Dashlane is to select automatic login for all new credentials. Here is how you can disable this auto-login option for all new credentials you save in Dashlane:

On Windows, open the application and disable the automatic login box from the menu: Tools → Preferences → General → Auto-login.

On macOS, open the application and select Dashlane → Preferences in the menu bar at the top of the screen. Then go to General → Auto-login and clear the automatic login box.

What can I do if Dashlane redirects to a wrong page or gets stuck when signing in?

Depending on how the website is designed, Dashlane might not properly detect that you are already logged in to your account and try to log you in again, or else not detect the correct page and redirect you to the wrong part of the website.

If this happens, first open the credential details and check that the site address / URL is correct.

To edit it, copy and paste the exact address of the page where the login form is. Then click OK to save the changes, close the credential details, and open the website again.

If the automatic login still does not work the way that you expect it to work, or if Dashlane still tries to log you in when you do not want to, you may want to disable the option Always log me into the website for this credential, as explained at the top of this article.

Why is Dashlane still logging me in even though I've unchecked the option?

It depends on how you're going to your sites. If you're clicking on them from the Dashlane application (or from the browser extension), then you will be automatically logged in. This is by design.

Otherwise, you need to type the address of the site in your browser to go to that site without being logged in by Dashlane. It will just fill in your login details but you will need to click on the Log in button on the site.

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