How to import from RoboForm

How to Import from RoboForm

Open the RoboForm main menu and go to RoboForm → Print List… → Logins (or Passcards depending on the version you are using)

Enter your RoboForm master password

Do not print, but choose to Save instead

Choose location and a file name, set the type to .htm file, and click Save

Open the RoboForm import function in Dashlane by going to File → Import Passwords

Select the exported .htm file and click Open

That’s it!

Do not forget to delete the unsecured exported file when you are done with it.

If Dashlane does not find anything to import

Please, remove all RoboForm applications from your computer, and reinstall only version 6.

Then, open your Windows Start menu and search for Edit Passcards. After opening this application dedicated to passcards, go to the Passcard menu and choose Print list. From here on, please follow step 2 through 6 above.

Dashlane will now be able to import your passwords!

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