What do the different Impala colors mean?

Dashlane interacts with your browser and displays impalas, our mascot, whenever a field on a web site can be saved or filled. The color of the impala depends on few things.

A gray impala

A gray impala means that we have detected the field, but that we do not see the appropriate data in your Dashlane account to fill it.

If you have an existing account on this website, fill the two fields displaying the gray impalas with your login and password, and click enter to log in. Dashlane will then ask you to save these as a new credential in your encrypted data, so they will be filled automatically next time you visit this website and want to log in.

A blue impala

A blue impala means that we have detected the field, and that you do have the data needed to fill it!

Simply click on the login fields and choose the credential you want to use. If it's a login form, Dashlane will automatically log you in. If it's a registration form, Dashlane will be able to fill it with your existing data.

If it's a password field to register on a site or change your password, then click on the field and you will see a button appear to generate a new password. If needed, Dashlane also takes care of filling in this password in any other confirmation fields.

If a blue impala is combined with a gray impala in the same form, it means we will be able to automatically fill your e-mail address or your username, but you don't have the appropriate data in Dashlane to fill everything. It may be a password or your personal data that is not saved in Dashlane yet.

If you have an existing account on this web site, select one of your e-mail addresses or your username, fill your password manually and log in. Dashlane will then save this as a new credential.

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