How to purchase Dashlane Premium?

To purchase a Premium account, you can upgrade from inside the application or directly on our site by clicking here. On our site, you will need to enter your registered e-mail address if you already have a Dashlane account.

How to upgrade to Premium

You can go directly on our Premium page by clicking here or go to our home page and click “Log in” at the top right. Once you are logged in, click on Go Premium in the menu of the site.

When you see this page, enter your payment information, then click Submit.

If you are already using Dashlane, you may need to log out of the application and log in again before you see your new Dashlane Premium status.

If you do not have a Dashlane account yet, it is time to create one! Make sure that you use the same e-mail address as the one you used to upgrade to Dashlane Premium. Click here to see how to create a new Dashlane account.

Subscription types

Note that there are two types of subscriptions: Dashlane Premium, and Dashlane Business.

  • Dashlane Premium is the normal subscription, which enables you to upgrade your account to Premium.
  • Dashlane Business enables you to buy and manage multiple subscriptions. From the Admin Console, you can then manage and assign seats to other Dashlane users using their registered e-mail address. More information on Dashlane Business is available on our Dashlane Business website.

Automatic renewal

You can see and manage your Premium subscription directly on the Web app on our site. Click here to open it.

If you need any help to manage your subscription on the Web app, please see this article: How to edit or cancel my subscription to Dashlane Premium.

Note: if you originally subscribed to Premium on the App Store (iOS) or the Mac App Store (Mac OS X), you need to manage your auto-renewing subscriptions in your Apple account. Click here to see how. If you do not change your subscription, it will be automatically renewed on the App Store or Mac App Store.

Note that only these subscriptions are set to be automatically renewed:

  • If you subscribed to Premium using a credit card on our site or directly from inside the Windows or Mac OS X application
  • If you subscribed to Premium using PayPal on our site or directly from inside the Windows or Mac OS X application
  • If you subscribed to Premium on the App Store (using the iOS app)
  • If you subscribed to Premium on the Mac App Store (using the Mac OS X application from the Mac App Store)

If you upgraded to Premium on the Google Play Store or Amazon Store, your Premium subscription will not be renewed automatically. You will have to purchase a new Premium subscription when it expires, in order to keep your Premium status.

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