Can someone steal my master password when I'm using a public WiFi network?


Even if you're in an Internet café or using a WiFi connection that you don't completely trust, it's safe to enter your master password and access your Dashlane account. This is because your master password is never sent over the Internet.

How it works

When you create your account, you create a master password to encrypt your data. This master password is used locally on your device to decrypt the data.

If you enter the right master password when you try to log in, Dashlane will be able to decrypt locally your data on your device. If you do not have the right master password, your data remains encrypted and cannot be accessed.

Note that your master password is never transmitted through the Internet since the check is done locally by the application by trying to decipher a sample of your data using your master password. Dashlane is only able to decipher your data if the right master password is provided.

Your master password is like a key to a safe. The key is stored nowhere but in your head. If you have the correct key, you can open the safe. If not, the safe will remain closed. But the key never moves with the safe; it always remains with you.

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