How does Dashlane handle online checkout?

The Dashlane checkout experience

Dashlane allows you to automatically fill out checkout fields enabling purchasing that would normally take minutes to complete instead within seconds.

Just click into the field and a popup will appear to confirm your account, name or card as saved in Dashlane. Choose your account and Dashlane will fill in the form instantly. Note that for your security, by default you are asked to enter your Master Password whenever you use your credit cards.

On mobile, to be able to autofill your credit card information, please use the Dashlane browser.

Dashlane then lets you save and sort all the information about the purchase for later use.

You can find all your previous purchases in the Receipt section of your Dashlane application.

How to disable this feature

Though we do not recommend doing so, you can turn off the requirement to enter your Master Password on desktop by going to the Preferences menu, then Security, and finally Basic Settings

You can stop Dashlane from saving your receipts from the Preferences menu of the desktop app (you will find the Preferences menu in Tools on Windows and in Dashlane on Mac). In the General tab, you can uncheck Ask to save a receipt during checkout.

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