How to log in to websites using Dashlane

There are three, simple ways to use Dashlane’s powerful auto-login feature, so you never have to type your passwords again. You'll spend less time logging into your accounts and more time doing what you came online to do!

1. By going to your website normally

Access the website you want to log in to just like you normally would (using the URL bar, a saved bookmark or search engine). Once you're on the website's login page, Dashlane will automatically log you in. If you have multiple logins associated with this site, Dashlane will ask you to choose which one you want to use, as shown below.

Note: If you don't experience this, click here to make sure your browser extension is correctly installed

2. By accessing the website from the Dashlane menu extension

Click on the Dashlane extension icon in your browser, hover over the website you wish to log in to (find it by scrolling through or using the search bar). Click 'More options' and then 'Go to website'.

Dashlane_Chrome_Extension_-_More_option-_go_to_this_website_1.png Dashlane_Chrome_Extension_-_More_option-_go_to_this_website_2.png

3. By accessing the website directly from your Dashlane app

Go to your "passwords" section, find the site you want to log in to and click on the  icon. Voila! You're logged in.

QUICK TIP: Find your credential quicker by using the search bar integrated to the Dashlane app and click on the "Go to" icon from there.

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