Permissions required by Dashlane for Android

In order to download and install Dashlane on your Android device, you will need to accept Dashlane's required Android permissions. Dashlane for Android requires the following permissions:

  • In-app purchases — this allows you to buy a Premium subscription directly from your Dashlane app
  • Device & app history — this permission is required in order for the Dashlane Browser to save your browsing history. The app history is used by Dashlane's in-app autologin.
  • Identity — these permissions are used to add an invisible "Dashlane" account that stores all your settings.
  • Contacts — used to suggest contacts you might want to share data with when clicking on the Sharing feature.
  • Photo/Media/File — Dashlane caches pictures on your device to reduce the amount of bandwidth it uses.
  • Wi-Fi connection information — Dashlane uses this permission to find out whether the Wi-Fi network your device is connected to is a local network or has full Internet access.
  • Camera — this permission is required for Dashlane's Two-step verification feature, more specifically to capture barcodes.
  • Others — these permissions are mostly used by the Dashlane in-app autologin feature and by the Dashlane browser.
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