What can Dashlane do on iOS?

Dashlane for iOS can be downloaded from the App Store. It works on iPhone, iPod and iPad. 

What Dashlane for iOS can and cannot do

Dashlane for iOS allows you to:

  • Create a Dashlane account
  • Always have your Personal Data with you, such as your passport number and all your banking info
  • Read, edit and delete any login or passwords and add new ones, on iPhone and iPad
  • Generate strong and custom passwords
  • Navigate and fill automatically any form on the Web using our embedded Dashlane Browser
  • Fill your data directly in Safari or Chrome thanks to the Dashlane extension for iOS
  • Auto-log you in to more than 100 iOS apps. More info here.
  • Read, add, delete or edit your Secure notes
  • Add and modify any data in your Dashlane account, just like on the desktop application
  • Sync your data automatically between your iOS device and your other devices
  • Access your data even without Internet connection
  • Use Touch ID or a PIN to lock and unlock your Dashlane account, in addition to your master password (which is still required to decipher your data)
  • Receive our Security Breach Alerts when a site you have credentials for has been compromised
  • Invite more of your contacts to use Dashlane
  • Share passwords using our Sharing Center and Emergency features
  • Automatically change your passwords with Password Changer
  • Consult your most used passwords and secure notes on your Apple Watch
  • Sort your data by Space in order to improve the organization and visibility of your Dashlane account (only available with Dashlane Business)

As of today, Dashlane for iOS can only fill passwords inside another app if this was implemented by both Dashlane and that other app. More info here.

Using the Dashlane Web app on iOS

Our Web app works on any mobile device, including all iOS devices. It can be found at www.dashlane.com/app or by clicking on LOG IN at the top right of the Dashlane homepage.

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