Dashlane has a problem on a site. Can I report this?

We do our best to handle all websites but you may come across some sites where Dashlane is not able to log you in automatically or save your credentials. Here is what you can do when you find a site that has forms that Dashlane does not handle properly.

Known issues on sites

  • If you're having a problem on Delta.com, please click here.

Why isn't Dashlane working properly on a specific site?

Please check this list if Dashlane is not autofilling a page or a site correctly:

  1. Please make sure that Dashlane is working in your browser. You should see the Dashlane icon in your browser and there should be a green light to show that you are logged in (except in Safari, where the icon must be dark gray).
  2. Check that there is an impala icon in the fields. A gray impala means we have detected the field but Dashlane does not have this data in your Dashlane account yet. A blue impala means that Dashlane has detected the field and you do have the data needed to fill it.
  3. You have tried logging in to this site from another browser (if possible) or by closing and reopening your browser.
  4. You have tried refreshing the page.
  5. Please check that the site is not one of the following formats that we do not support yet:
    • ​a Flash site — Right-click the login field to see if it's Flash or not – or SilverLight.
    • ​an HTTP authentication — A login window that pops up from your browser.
    • ​an iFrame login — Sometimes it's a separate login window that pops up. But it can also be a login box on a page. Please contact us if you're not sure.
    • a form with a virtual keyboard (also referred to as an on-screen keyboard) — We can only provide limited support for those forms. On most websites, if you already have a credential in Dashlane, (click here to find out how to achieve that) we will autofill your login. We won't, however, be able to autofill the password or click the login button, as those actions are meant by the site to be carried out manually. NB: If even this "best effort" solution is not working for you, please submit a ticket with the name of the site. We will fix it as soon as we can.
    • ​a page with a captcha code — Dashlane cannot autofill captcha codes ​since these are tempory codes, generated by the site.

How to report a problem on a specific site

If you are still unable to get Dashlane to work properly with the field, you can use our browser extension to report this site! Please note that this is available for Chrome, Firefox and Safari (not for Internet Explorer yet).

Go to the page where you're having a problem filling in the fields with Dashlane.

Click on the Dashlane icon in your browser and go to the fourth tab with the www✓


Here, you can click on Send report to send us your site.

Now you can choose the Type of issue. For example, you can pick Incorrect autofill of my data from this list if Dashlane is putting the wrong info in a field.

Please also add a short description of the issue on this page or site. You can decide whether you want to add a screenshot and HTML file of that page. This will help us fix the issue a lot quicker!


Make sure you don't have any personal information on the page before clicking on Send. This will send us your description and the URL of the page so that we can look into this!

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