What Dashlane for Android can and cannot do

Dashlane for Android allows you to:

  • Create a Dashlane account
  • Always have your Personal Data with you, such as your passport number and all your banking information
  • Access and copy all your Logins and Passwords
  • Navigate and fill automatically login forms on the Web using our integrated Dashlane Browser.
  • Log you into your web accounts in the Chrome browser
  • Automatically log in to third-party apps
  • Access your Secure Notes - add new notes, delete old ones, or simply edit and sync them to all your devices
  • Add and modify any data in your Dashlane account, just like on the desktop application
  • Sync your data automatically between your Android device and your other computers and devices
  • Access your data even if you currently have no Internet connection
  • Receive our security breach alerts when a site for which you have credentials has been compromised
  • Generate secure and random password
  • Protect your Dashlane application on Android by using a PIN code or fingerprint in addition to your master password and to your phone PIN code
  • Sort your data by Space in order to improve the organization and visibility of your Dashlane account (only available with Dashlane Business)
  • Manage your devices
  • Use Inbox Scan to easily import credentials for your existing accounts into Dashlane
  • Read, edit and delete important documents that need to be stored securely with Secure File Storage
  • Browsing safely through the internet with Dashlane VPN
  • Monitoring up to 5 email addresses for leaked or stolen personal data with Dark Web Monitoring
  • Monitoring your Password Health through the Identity Dashboard

However, Dashlane for Android cannot – yet:

  • Save and display purchases and track receipts
  • Auto-fill other forms than login such as address, payment, ID, etc...
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