Frequently Asked Questions about Password Changer

Why is Password Changer not available to me? 

Password Changer is currently only available on Windows, Mac OS X and iOS. Android support will me coming soon!

Note that Password Changer is neither available on Windows XP, nor on Mac OS X Snow Leopard (10.6). Please upgrade your operating system to a newer version in order to use Password Changer.

Does Password Changer work on sites protected by Two-Factor Authentication or security questions?

Yes. Dashlane will automatically detect it and prompt you to enter the Two-Factor Authentication code for that site, or the answer to your security questions. None of this information is stored on Dashlane's servers.

To see how to use Password Changer, check this article: How to use Password Changer and on which sites?

Where can I find the list of sites supported by Password Changer?

The list of compatible sites can be found on this page: Password Changer – Compatible Sites

How can I request more sites?

You can request sites directly on the list of compatible sites. Type the name of the site in the Search box and, if the site is not compatible with Password Changer, a new button labeled Request to add this site will appear. We're working hard to support new websites!

Why is a "suspicious log-in attempt" displayed on a site after using Password Changer?

A "suspicious log-in attempt" notification may appear when signing in to a site after using Password Changer, because your passwords are changed through our servers when using the Password Changer feature. This is why a site may detect that you are signing in from another location and display a warning. Password Changer uses our servers to actually connect to the sites in order to update your passwords there.

To know exactly how Password Changer works, or if you have further questions related to security, check this article: What is Password Changer and how does it work?

What can I do if one of my passwords doesn't work anymore after using Password Changer?

If your password was changed by Password Changer but was not updated in your Dashlane account, something wrong probably happened. This article will help you finding your current password for a site: How to retrieve your older passwords after they have been changed by Password Changer?

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