Does Dashlane support logins on more than one page?

Yes, Dashlane can handle two-step logins for you. 

For security reasons, some websites use logins that are spread out over two pages. This is typically seen on banking websites or other sites that need more security.

They normally ask for your login name or username on the first page and then for your password on the second page.

How do I add my two-step login to Dashlane?

There are two ways to add your two-step login to Dashlane:

Adding your login manually

To manually add your two-step login to Dashlane, you need to go to the "Passwords" section in Dashlane and click on "Add new". Now you can fill out all the details for your login, just like adding a normal login.

Adding your login automatically 

If you simply log in to your site, you'll see a Dashlane pop-up on the second page asking you to save this login to Dashlane. Click on Save so that Dashlane remembers your login information. Next time you visit this site, Dashlane will automatically log you in to this site.


How to log in to a site with a two-page login

Go to the first page of your site and Dashlane will automatically log you in to this first page and take you to the second page. Notice the blue impala in the login field: this means that Dashlane has your information and is ready to log you in. If you aren't automatically logged in, you might need to click the field and select your login. This will be the case if you haven't checked the "Always log me into this website" option for this login.

On the second page, Dashlane will automatically fill in your password. Simply click on the "Log in" button on this page to log in to your site.

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