Can a Dashlane employee access my data?


No Dashlane employee can get hold of your Master Password and access your data.

Your data is encrypted with your Master Password

Your data is encrypted locally on your device with your Master Password. Your data can only be deciphered using your Master Password.

Only you know your Master Password. It is never sent to our servers and never transmitted over the network.

By default, your Master Password is never stored on your device. However, if you prefer to sign in to Dashlane automatically without entering your Master Password, an option to securely remember your master password can now be found in the Preferences on Windows and macOS, and in the Settings on Android and iOS.

Only an authenticated device can decipher your data

Your encrypted data can only be deciphered if the device has also been authenticated. The device's authentication is  always checked before trying to decipher your data and open your Dashlane account.

When authenticating a new device, a temporary security code is automatically sent to your contact email address.

If Two-Factor Authentication was enabled in your Dashlane account, then temporary codes are generated directly by the Dashlane entry in your 2FA app.

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