How to make Dashlane work when using aliases, symbolic links or multiple hard drives

Note that there is no portable version of Dashlane. You must install the application on your system to use it. However, depending on your computer setup, you may need to know a few things if Dashlane does not work at all or cannot be launched.

On Mac OS X

  • If you installed Dashlane from our website

The file /Users/Shared/Dashlane/ cannot be an alias or a symbolic link (or symlink), and should not be moved elsewhere for Dashlane to work properly.

If you need to move your Users folder to another partition or somewhere else on your computer, please create aliases or symbolic links so that the original Dashlane Agent remains in the folder /Users/Shared/Dashlane/ like in this screenshot

  • If you installed Dashlane from the Mac App Store

Note that there is no DashlaneAgent at this location when Dashlane has been installed from the Mac App Store.

When using Dashlane from the Mac App Store, you may have issues when installing browser extensions if you are using two or more hard drives on your computer (e.g. one for your Applications, System and Library folders and one for your Home folder and User Library).

Dashlane can only work if your User Library ~/Library is on the same hard drive as the Applications folder where Dashlane is installed.

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