How to save time by adding your IDs to Dashlane

Dashlane can make your Personal Data work for you, and fill any field from any website automatically if you choose to do this. Click here for more on how to add personal data to Dashlane.

The more data you enter in your Dashlane account, the more effective and smart Dashlane will be, and the more time you will save!

You can go to this page to learn more about how Dashlane will fill out forms for you online with your Personal Data.

Please have a look at our articles on security and privacy, as well as our commitment to the security and the privacy of our users.

All your data is encrypted with your own master password. Each account on Dashlane is a different and unique vault with a different and unique key for each user. We do not generate a key to cipher your data, as is often the case on most websites. Your data is ciphered with your own master password. This means that it is completely impossible for us to read your data, because your master password is not stored anywhere, and you are the only one who knows it. 

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