Can several people share the same Dashlane account?


You can share a Dashlane account with different people. This can be useful, for instance, in a work situation where you have shared logins and passwords. Simply download Dashlane on your different computers and devices and create a Dashlane account. Share the account’s Dashlane ID and Master Password with everyone with whom you want to be able to share data and passwords. They will then be able to access the data stored on the Dashlane account. 

Note that you will have to authorize access to your account on each new device: every time the account will be accessed from a new device, a security code will be sent to the contact e-mail. This security code will have to be entered into Dashlane to authorize the device.

If Two-Factor Authentication is enabled on your Dashlane account, security codes will be directly generated by the Dashlane entry in your Two-Factor Authentication app (e.g. Google Authenticator, Authy, FreeOTP).

Alternatively, you can simply use the secure sharing feature to share specific logins or notes with different people if they have Dashlane.

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