Why is a row added to my receipt when I try to modify it?

When you edit a receipt in Dashlane, we will keep the original total and will deduct the difference between the total and the sum of all fields (including shipping price). If the sum of all the fields is higher than the actual total that Dashlane detected, Dashlane subtracts the difference from the total.

In order to fix this, you need to edit the total price manually to match any new lines you have added or removed from the receipt.Then Dashlane will calculate that the sum is correct with the total, and if it is correct, will not add another field to adjust the price.

For example:

Here I won an auction on eBay. The total is correct, but the actual item price is not. Dashlane adds a line of $96 to account for the missing amount.

Once I edit the price in the item line to make the total calculation correct this extra line disappears, or I can delete it manually by clicking on the X next to the line when I hover my mouse over this line..

Dashlane automatically adds an extra line to add up to the total. Once the total is manually adjusted it will vanish.

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