Can other people see the password I shared with them?

Yes. There are two different permission settings for password sharing: 

Full Rights: The recipient can see, use, edit, and share the password. Note that the recipient can also edit sharing rights, so revoke the sharing rights of other users who were shared this item, including you.

Limited Rights: The recipient can use this password, but cannot securely share it, edit its sharing rights, nor modify it within Dashlane. In Dashlane, the password is presented as a series of dots, but keep in mind that this hides the password only from a casual or accidental observer. If determined to do so, a technically savvy recipient is able to reveal the password.

Remember that securely sharing a password through Dashlane ensures that the encrypted password safely reaches its intended recipient. But a shared password is just that – shared. Using Limited Rights allows you to indicate to the recipient that they are not meant to behave with the password as if they had Full Rights.


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