I cannot run Dashlane as Windows says my system administrator has blocked this program

If you are getting this message when trying to launch Dashlane: Your system administrator has blocked this program. For more info, contact your system administrator, it is probably happening because you are using a security software named CryptoPrevent.

CryptoPrevent locks your AppData folder (where Dashlane is installed) and Dashlane cannot run from there.

To fix this, you simply need to add Dashlane to the CryptoPrevent whitelist.

Make sure that you use the latest version of CryptoPrevent first. Then:

Open CryptoPrevent

Select Advanced → Software Restriction Policy Editor in the menu bar (or Whitelist if still you use an older version of CryptoPrevent)


From there, you can view whitelisted items and whitelist your own items manually or via Browse button.

Add these two files to your whitelist – do not forget to include the % symbol at the start and copy each line and click Add to Whitelist:




Then Dashlane will be able to launch on your computer.

Advanced Options in CryptoPrevent

We also recommend leaving the Silent blocking option disabled in the Advanced Options so you can see what CryptoPrevent blocks. This way, if you notice that a Dashlane process is blocked by CryptoPrevent, you will be able to see it. This option can be found in the Advanced → Show Advanced Options panel.

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