How to find your older passwords after they have been changed in Dashlane

It can sometimes happen that you change one of your passwords in your Dashlane app and then need, for one reason or another, to retrieve your former password. To do this, you can use Dashlane's Password history feature.

Note: the Password Changer and Password History features are only available on Windows and MacOS, and not on Linux and Chromebook currently. 

Password history

Use this menu to find all the older passwords that were previously saved in your credentials, which have been replaced by new passwords, and all the password changes in your Dashlane account. This also includes the passwords generated by Password Changer.

Note that passwords will appear in the list under the date they have been generated, and not the date the password was changed.

To access this list on Windows or macOS (not available on mobile):

  1. Open the Dashlane application
  2. Select Tools in the menu bar at the top of the window/screen
  3. Choose Password History… in the menu
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