How to use Password Changer on iOS

What is Password Changer?

What it is

Password Changer can automatically change the passwords for your online accounts, directly from the app. Dashlane logs directly into these sites and generates strong and unique password to change the password for the site on your behalf.

Password Changer is available on iOS, Mac OS X and Windows.

Everything is done automatically by Dashlane in the background. You will only see the Dashlane window showing the status of each password change and confirmations that your passwords were successfully changed.

Dashlane can also detect two-factor authentications and security questions and allow you to authenticate within Dashlane. If a site requires additional information to change your password, Password Changer will prompt you for it during the password change process.

How we protect your data

Your passwords are always generated locally by the Dashlane application, and they are always transmitted securely or encrypted when updating your passwords on Web sites. All information transmitted to Web pages (including security questions and Two-Factor Authentication codes if required by a site) is done securely, just like if you were logging into individual websites yourself and changing passwords manually.

Only you know your passwords. They are only saved in your Dashlane account, which is protected using your master password and secure AES-256 encryption. No one has access to your data in your Dashlane account except you - not even us at Dashlane!

On which sites it works

For now, Password Changer works for a limited number of sites. The full list is available here. However, we designed our technology and architecture to scale, and we are rapidly and continuously adding more sites!

If you have Web sites on which Dashlane doesn't offer to use Password Changer, you can click here and check if that site is supported. If a site is not in that list, you will be able to send us a request using this page. We'll add it to our to-do list as soon as possible! We are currently working on a list of sites that we have already planned to support in the future. Thank you very much for your patience!


If you want to have access to our Password Changer feature on iOS, you might need to update your Dashlane app to our latest version. Moreover, please note that Password Changer might not be available or might not work properly on old devices or old versions of iOS.

How to use Password Changer on iOS

Open the Dashlane application on iOS, go to the Tools tab and select Password Changer.

Once in the Password Changer menu, you will see a list of all the passwords that Password Changer can change for you. To help you determine which password you might want to change, a security rating is shown below the name of each of your credentials, ranging from "Very unsafe" to "Very safe".

Simply tap on the passwords you wish to change, then click on Change in the top right corner to launch Password Changer.

That's it! Your passwords have been replaced by strong, randomly-generated passwords that you do not even need to remember because Dashlane is there to log you in when you need it to.

Password Changer on the Apple Watch

If you possess an Apple Watch and already had it paired with your iPhone, you should automatically get the Dashlane app on your Apple Watch as well. Should a security breach be announced on a website, you will receive an alert on your Watch from which you'll be able to change the associated password via Password Changer! Please refer to our dedicated Apple Watch article for more information!

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