Dashlane on Apple Watch

Dashlane for iOS now features an Apple Watch app!

The Apple Watch application allows you to use Dashlane's most useful features directly from your wrist, without even having to take out your iPhone.


If you want to have access to Dashlane on your Apple Watch, the first step is pairing your Apple Watch with your iPhone. More info on that here.

Then, you might need to update your Dashlane app on iPhone to our latest version - make sure you have version 3.1.0 or above. 

Lastly, you must have a Dashlane account open on iPhone and either Touch ID or PIN code lock enabled.

See your passwords and notes

Upon opening the Dashlane app on your Apple Watch, you will see the homescreen, which looks like this:

main menu Apple Watch app

From there, you can do three things

Search for a specific note or credential : if you tap on the magnifier icon, you will be prompted to say out loud what you are looking for, be it the title of a note or the name of a credential. Once you are done speaking, tap on Done in the top right corner and Dashlane will take you to the element you were looking for.

search Apple Watch

Browse your passwords: if you tap on Passwords, you will be taken to a list of your credentials. If you tap on a credential, you will see the password and the login information it contains. You can tap on Copy to copy the password directly to your iPhone's paperclip. Note: Only the most used passwords will be accessible.

password list Apple Watch

inside password Apple Watch

Browse your secure notes: if you tap on Secure notes, you will be taken to a list of your notes. If you tap on a note, you will see the the contents of the note. Note: Only the most used secure notes will be accessible.

note list

inside note

Record notes vocally

You can also directly record notes from the Dashlane Apple Watch app. To do this, go to the Notes section, then Force Touch on the screen — that is, press on the screen slightly harder than if you just wanted to tap lightly or to swipe down. You will be taken to this screen:

note menu

From there, you can either look for one of your notes by tapping on the magnifier or add a new note by tapping on the plus icon. After tapping on Add new, you will be able to dictate your note. The note's title will be its creation's day, date and time.

dated note

Change your passwords instantly in case of security breach

Today, serious attacks on website happen very often and not a day goes by without a new security breach on yet another website being announced. This compromises the security of your data. This is the reason why whenever a security breach than affects some of our users is made public, Dashlane sends a notification to those users, informing them that their password might be compromised and suggesting that they change it.

Those security alerts are now available on Apple Watch. That means that whenever a security breach affects one of your passwords, Dashlane will display a notification on your watch. Moreover, you will be able to change your compromised passwords in just one tap by using Password Changer!

breach alert

To do this, simply tap on Change now if the option is available and Dashlane will automatically replace your compromised password with a strong, randomly generated one.

changing password

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