How to use Dashlane on your Apple Watch as a two-step authentication method

You can use your Apple Watch as an alternative to using your existing authenticator app to obtain the six-digit security codes needed to finish the log in process for your saved accounts in Dashlane in a few simple steps. By setting Dashlane as your two-step authentication method, your Apple Watch is able to provide you with these six-digit security codes in real time. To learn how to enable this feature or add more security codes to your Apple Watch please follow this guide.


In order to use this feature, you must have the following:

How it works

After setting up your accounts, open the Dashlane application on your Apple Watch.


From there, locate the account you are logging in to. These six-digit security codes will refresh every 30 seconds and will only display if you are logged into your Dashlane account on your iPhone. If you lock your Dashlane application or your iPhone the codes will still display, however, if you log out of Dashlane they will not.


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