Will my data remain on my iOS device if I delete the Dashlane app?

On iOS, when you delete an app from your device, any application data is also deleted. This means that all your local account data for Dashlane will be deleted from your device.

This is not a problem if you have a Premium or Dashlane Business subscription, as your encrypted data is saved on our servers and synced between all your devices. Just make sure you have sync enabled in your account. Click here to see how.

If you are planning to delete the Dashlane app from your iOS device, we recommend to check first that your account data is properly synced and can be found on our Web app. The Dashlane Web app is a read-only view of all the passwords and secure notes that are saved in your account. To sign in to your account on the Web app, please click here.

However, if you either:

  • have a Free account
  • have disabled sync on your devices
  • or do not see any of your passwords and secure notes on our Web app

you won't be able to load your data back into Dashlane once you reinstall the app on your device.

In this case, do not delete the Dashlane app from your iOS device.

Please consider upgrading your account to Premium if you would like to automatically recover and sync your data between all your devices!

Note that iCloud does not back up your Dashlane data.

If you have sync enabled (available with a Premium or Dashlane Business subscription) on your account but you cannot see your passwords and secure notes in the Web app, please contact our User Support

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