How to maximize my use of Dashlane under iOS 9

Dashlane for iOS now features a set of new tricks based on the relatively new iOS 9 operating system. These tricks will allow you to easily search for your secure data even outside of any Dashlane environment, and multitask like a pro!

Please note that all these features require both the iOS 9 operating system and at least version 3.2.1 of Dashlane installed.

Extra tip: Version 3.2.1 also comes with a new font to better distinguish 1iIlLoO0!

Spotlight Search

With Spotlight Search, you can now easily access your Dashlane app or any saved Dashlane data without having to locate and open the Dashlane app. Simply slide the home screen down or left to reach the simplified or advanced version of Spotlight, respectively. From there, either search for any data saved in your Dashlane app (for instance, your Amazon credential), or for the app itself.

3D Touch

This feature is only available on iPhone 6s and iPhone 6s Plus.

With 3D Touch, you'll be able to find the information you need faster. Here's how you can use 3D Touch with Dashlane:

  • Find the Dashlane application icon on your main screen, then tap & hold it. You'll then be prompted to search for a credential, or add a password.

  • Once within the Dashlane app and in the Password section, tap & hold any credential to be prompted with a preview containing nothing but the key information (login and password).

  • From that preview, tap the screen again to get the full credential details.

  • Slide up instead to unlock the classic copy/visit site options.

Slide Over and Split View

The Slide Over feature is only available on iPad Air 1/2 and iPad mini 2/3, while the Split View feature is only available on iPad Air 2.

If you often find yourself needing a piece of data saved in your Dashlane app while using another app, then you'll definitely like this feature! When using an app, slide left from the right edge of your screen to reveal a list of apps installed on your device. Choose Dashlane, and it will will launch simultaneously with your other app. This is very useful if you need to access the content of a secure note, credential, or any other data, without interrupting whatever you are doing.

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