How to redeem a promotional code

Knowing how to redeem a promotional code can be very useful, not only for promotions, but also if you purchased a Premium subscription from one of our partners. You might receive a product key or license number, which you will be able to use as a promotional code to activate your Dashlane Premium membership.

Here is how to redeem a code:

Click here to access our website's subscription page.

If you already have a Dashlane account, enter your email address on the left side of the page (1). If you do not have a Dashlane account yet, please create your login on the right side of the page (2).

On the subscription page, select the plan you wish to purchase (1), enter your promotional code in the field below (2) and click the Redeem button (3). If you need to use a product key or a licence number, you can skip the first step and directly redeem the code. In that case, the Premium status will be applied to your account.

To complete the subscription and unlock your Premium benefits, scroll down and fill out your payment information before clicking the Buy Premium now button. Note that if you created your Dashlane login at step 2, you will still need to go through the account creation process after downloading the app in order to set your master password.

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