How secure is my data?

Dashlane takes security very seriously. Password security guides our product, technology choices and business decisions every day and, as a result, Dashlane is the easiest way to keep all of your passwords secure and your accounts protected.

Dashlane's unique set of security measures

  • Dashlane requires a strong Master Password, including the use of capital letters and numbers. This ensures the highest level of security at the most important step for data protection.
  • Dashlane does not store your Master Password anywhere on our servers AND only unscrambles your passwords on your computer or device. That means the key to your castle cannot be taken from you and your scrambled data stored on our servers is useless to hackers.
  • Dashlane does not collect or store a password hint. Often these hints are weak gateways to actual passwords and we do not use them for that reason.
  • Dashlane does not store “authentication hashes” to enable new devices. You must enter a token each time you log into a new device, which ensures that your data does not fall into the wrong hands.

Steps that Dashlane takes to safeguard our infrastructure

  • Dashlane is proudly hosted on Amazon AWS, one of the most respected and secure cloud hosting solutions on the market.
  • All of our products are audited regularly and by different security auditors.
  • Our servers are regularly investigated for any trace of suspicious activity and our infrastructure is regularly scanned for any vulnerability.

As always, there are things you can do to take control of your data security and Dashlane can help!

You’ve already got the tool to create strong passwords for each account, so make sure you don’t reuse passwords. Have Dashlane generate strong, random passwords for you.

Also, change your passwords frequently using Password Changer and, especially after every breach that may affect your data.

Improve your online security by using the Two-Factor Authentication and U2F features in Dashlane. You can enable them in your app settings.

Feel free to visit the Security section of our Help Center for more information on protecting your accounts.

If you have more questions on Dashlane’s security, or if you wish to go through our Security whitepaper, please visit:


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