Monitoring Security from the Dashboard of the Admin Console

Dashlane Business introduces you to a brand-new Dashboard, making it even easier to monitor and manage the password security of your company.

Managing Users

From your dashboard, you can view how many seats are currently taken and the number of seats remaining.

Are you running out of seats? Just click on Add users and you will reach the Manage Users pageFor more details about your account and payments, click on My Account tab.

Monitoring your Company's Security Score

With Dashlane Business's Security Score feature, you can quickly learn about your company's overall password security. If you do not have a 100% security score, click See our tips for advice on how to improve your company's password security and strength; or go to View individual scores for a better look at each user's security score. For more information on Dashlane Business's Security Score feature, please click here

Recent Activity

From your Dashboard, you can supervise recent activity in the Admin Console, including members who've been invited, joined, revoked from your account, or changed to admins. However, it only monitors actions made by admins, so you will not see the recent activity of each of the member of your team.

For each action, you can see the name of the admin, the nature of his/her action, and when it happened. 

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