How to edit the settings of your Dashlane Business account

Under the My Account tab of the Admin Console, you can edit the settings of your company's Dashlane Business account. From this tab, you can:

Changing your Dashlane Business account name

To change your company name for Dashlane Business, click on your company's name and type in the name you would like to change it to. You can also change your company's name as many times as you'd like, however, you will not be able to choose a name that is already taken by another Dashlane Business account. 

Once you changed your company name, do not forget to save it.

Buying more seats

If you would like to add more seats to your Dashlane Business account, click on Buy more seats. From there, you will be able to add seats to your account, however, you can only do so if all of your seats are already occupied. If you still have remaining seats to occupy, you will have to fill them up first. To do so, invite new members through the Manage Users tab.

More information can be found on how to buy seats for your Dashlane Business account by clicking here.

Changing your billing information

You can only choose one billing contact for your Dashlane Business account. In order to change your billing contact, click on the Edit button. 

Then select a new billing contact from the pop-up screen. Can't find the billing contact you're looking for? Use the search bar to find them. Once you find your new billing contact, select Confirm.

To edit your payment data, click on the Edit button at the right and fill out the payment method form that will open. Then click Save.

Managing invoices

On the bottom right of the My Account screen, you will find the invoices of your Dashlane Business account. To view your previous invoices, click on View past invoices, and edit your billing information. Once completed, click on View next invoice, and you will see your upcoming invoice in a downloadable PDF format.

Note: the View Next Invoice option will be made available shortly. Thank you for your patience!

Once you click on View past invoices, you will be offered to enter a few extra information in order to customize your invoice, such as your billing contact, company name, billing address and tax number. These will all show on the invoice once generated.

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