Introduction to the Admin Console

The Admin Console allows Dashlane Business admins to easily and efficiently monitor and manage their users' password security.

With this tool, admins can provision Dashlane accounts by adding and removing members and seats, check members' Dashlane Security Scores for passwords stored in their work Space, and monitor their billing and receipts.

To combat poor password practices among employees, the Admin Console shows the password health and score of each employee, as well as an overall score for the company, while maintaining employee privacy.

Finally, a billing contact can be designated who will have access only to the account summary tab, in order to view invoices and edit the payment method for the account.

Accessing the Admin Console

The Admin Console can only be accessed by admins. Admins have access to all tabs within the Console. Remember that the billing contact, assuming they are not also an admin, has access only to the Account tab.

The Admin Console can be accessed by:

  1. Going to

  2. Clicking on Dashlane Business in the lower-left corner of your Dashlane desktop app


  3. Navigating there through the Dashlane web app, under My Account


Tabs in the Admin Console

The Admin Console contains 5 tabs that help admins and billing contacts manage their Dashlane Business plan and take the actions necessary for their plan's organization and security: 

Activity Log — Summarizes all recent activity made by the admins such as inviting or revoking users, adding or deleting Sharing Groups, etc. This is where admins can approve or decline any Account Recovery requests made by their users.

Users — Add or revoke users, or upgrade users to admins. Admins can also check the status of the user's invitation to the plan, resend invites and view Security Scores for passwords in their users' work Space, as well as the average security score of the company. When hovering over each individual security score, admins can see the user's breakdown of safe/weak/reused/compromised passwords, and make recommendations to their team to improve their scores accordingly. Admins can also select to display only Active, Pending, or Revoked users, or whatever combination is most practical.

Remember, the number in the Passwords column refers only to those passwords located in the user's work Space. 

Finally, the Last Activity column displays when the user last performed an action that was logged to our servers. 

Admin console - Dashboard.png

Groups — Where admins can add new, delete old, or rename existing Sharing Groups. This is where they can also add or remove users from Groups. To learn more about the Sharing Groups feature, please click here.

Please note that if you sync Groups via your Active Directory, any change that is made to those Groups through the console will be overwritten on the next AD sync. Instead, you should make changes directly in the Active Directory. To learn more about our AD Group Sync, please click here

Settings — Allows admins to set their plan's company-wide policies with our Smart Space Management feature, browser extension abilities, and security preferences. To learn more about settings and policies please click here

Admin console - Settings.png

Account Summary — Where admins can view a summary of the plan's details including the number of seats purchased and expiration date, edit the company's name on the plan, buy more seats, edit the payment method, designate your billing admin, and consult and retrieve the invoices for your subscription.

Admin console - Account.png

"Log Out" button — Allows you to securely log out of the Admin Console before leaving the page. Please note that you will automatically be logged out of the Console any time you close your browser to protect your plan's privacy. If you enabled 2FA on your Dashlane account, this setting is applied to your Admin Console login as well, and you will be asked to enter a security code each time after entering your Master Password. 

If, when trying to log in to the Console, you are constantly sent back to the login page, this can be due to three things:

  1. You no longer have admin status on your plan because you were removed from the plan or were given a user status by another admin.
  2. You no longer have admin status on your plan because you reset your Dashlane account. If there are no other admins on the plan please contact User Support to assist you in regaining access to the Console.
  3. Your plan is no longer active or expired for lack of payment. Please contact User Support from your admin's email address to receive more information and assistance.

If the above three things are not the case but you still are sent back to the login page, first try using a different browser. You can also clear your browser’s cache and cookies. If despite this you still encounter the problem, please contact User Support.

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