Introduction – What is the Admin Console?

The Admin Console allows Dashlane Business admins to monitor and manage their users with ease and efficiency. With this tool, admins can provision Dashlane accounts by adding and removing members and seats, monitor the billing cycle and receipts, and even check members' Dashlane Security Scores for passwords stored in their work Space.

To combat poor password practices among employees, the centralized Admin Console shows admins the password health of their entire organization and each employee, while still maintaining employee privacy. 

The Admin Console is only accessible for the admins (where the billing contact can only access the My Account tab). This way only they have the ability to manage their Dashlane Business accounts in the safest and most secure way possible.

The Admin Console contains 3 tabs that help admins and billing contacts managing their Dashlane Business account and take all the necessary actions regarding their account's organization and security: 

Dashboard - monitor your account's Security Score, learn how to improve your overall score and view recent activity for your account.

Manage Users - add users, upgrade users to admins, or revoke existing members. You can also check the status of your invitations, resend invites and view Security Scores of passwords in the work Space.

My Account - view a summary of the account including the number of seats purchased and expiration date, edit the company name on the account, buy more seats, edit the payment method and billing contact, and monitor the billing cycle's receipts.

Policies - The Policies tab allows admins to enable specific restrictions to all users on their business plans. Admins can enable or disable the ability of your team to share passwords and secure notes and restrict the ability to add new emergency contacts with just one click. This adds a level of security to your account management, and allows you to control specific features of your account. To learn more about group policies please click here

"Log out" Button - allows you to securely log out of the Admin Console before leaving the page. 

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