Introduction to Spaces

With Dashlane Business, we're introducing the concept of Spaces. Think of them as a flexible separation between the data you need at work, and the data you need elsewhere. With Spaces, you will be able to store and use your data in Dashlane with increased visibility and convenience.

How can I get Spaces

In order for your Dashlane app to have Spaces, you must be a part of a Dashlane Business account. Once you have been added to a Business account, the Spaces should be available automatically. If they do not show, please go to the File menu in order to sign out of the app. Then sign back in to see the Spaces available. 

If you want to find out more about the great perks of having a Dashlane Business account, please click here: Why Dashlane Business. To start a Business account straight away, click here instead: How to create a Dashlane Business account.

What are Spaces?

Spaces are an extra layer of filtering made available to you in your Dashlane account. Once unlocked, you will by default always have a minimum of three Spaces in your account: All Spaces, Personal, and a third one taking the name of the Business account you are a part of - we will call it Business Space for the sake of this article. At the moment, as you can only be part of a single Business account, you will not be able to have access to any other Spaces (this will be addressed in a future update, stay tuned!). The name of these Spaces, as well as their in-app color, cannot yet be customized from the Dashlane app, but please drop us a line if this is a feature you would like to see implemented!

Depending on the Space you choose to display, only a portion of your Dashlane data will show in the app. You get to assign every single piece of information stored in your Dashlane account to a particular Space - from passwords to identities, receipts, IDs, and so on. Assign your work passwords and company receipts to your Business Space, while pairing your personal phone number, Facebook or Spotify passwords to your Personal Space. Then you may switch at all times between Personal and Business Spaces, and you will see all sections of your Dashlane app display nothing else but the content you chose to add there. All in all, with Spaces, keep your work information at work, and your personal information at home! If your company's admin has enabled the Force company items to company space feature in the Admin Console and set up one or more company domains for your Dashlane Business account, your company related items will be automatically assigned to your Business Space. To find out more about Smart Space Management please click here:  How Smart Space Management affects Dashlane Business team members.

An important thing to know about Spaces is that they are your own and personal filtering tool. While Spaces are only available to users in a Dashlane Business account, you do have the option of choosing which data you associate with each Space. Alternatively, if your company's admin has activated the Smart Space Management feature, all data associated with the company's domain(s) will be categorized under the Business Space. Also, if Remote Deprovisioning has been activated by the Dashlane Business account admin, this means that if you leave or are revoked from a Business account, you will lose access to your Business Space (and to all Spaces, for that matter), but you will lose the data that has been associated with this Business Space. The rest of your data will still be available to you in Dashlane, without the Space filtering.

Keep in mind that your categories will be available across Spaces, allowing you to have two levels of filtering for your passwords, notes, and receipts. In practice, this means that you can have a Social media category across Spaces, under which your personal Twitter account will only appear in your Personal Space, while your professional Facebook account only in your Business Space.

Should you want absolutely all your Dashlane data to appear altogether, simply choose All Spaces.

Where can I find Spaces?

Once unlocked, Spaces can be found very simply at the top left corner of your desktop application, just below the search bar.

The Space you are currently selecting will show there - click on it to display all other available Spaces. Alternatively, you can use the following shortcuts to navigate between Spaces:

  • CTRL + 1 for All Spaces
  • CTRL + 2 for Personal Space
  • CTRL + 3 for Business Space

For information regarding the Spaces feature on your Android and iOS devices, please check out these related articles;

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