How to manage your Spaces

This article provides every piece of information you need to understand how to get the best out of Spaces, what consequences Spaces have on your data, and how to move data between Spaces.

How Spaces work

By being part of a Business account, you will have access to three spaces: Personal, Business, and All Spaces. At the moment, as you can only be part of one single Dashlane Business plan, you will not be able to have access to any other additional Space. You can, however, include multiple company domains to be associated with your Business Space.

Once you select a Space, you may navigate to various sections of the app, and see that only the data you chose to associate with this particular Space will show. This is true for all sections but Emergency, which will always show you all of your Emergency contacts, no matter which Space is currently selected. As for the Sharing Center, the contacts and items displayed will be based on the Space your shared items belong to. If you are selecting your Business Space, your Sharing Center will only display shared items that you saved in your Business Space. Note that a sharing request that is still pending will only show in your Personal Space by default. If your company's admin has setup a company domain for your Dashlane Business account and turned on the Force company items to company space feature in the Admin Console, then your company related items will be automatically assigned into your company Space. To find out more about Smart Space Management please click here: How Smart Space Management affects Dashlane Business team members.

The Space that you select also has an impact on your Password Health, as that whole section and your overall score will be based solely on passwords associated with this particular Space. You can find more information about Password Health for Spaces on the following dedicated article: How to use Dashlane Business to monitor your security.

Last but not least, if you attempt to use our search bar, you may see that some search results show with a little icon indicating with which Space they are currently associated. Items flagged with Spaces icons are only the ones that are not in your currently selected Space, so if a search result shows without an icon, it means that this item is associated with the Space currently selected in the app.

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Keep in mind that Spaces were designed to remember which Space should default after launching the app, on all your devices. This means that if you were last using your Personal Space on your home computer, when you sign-in again to Dashlane on that machine your Personal Space will be selected by default. The same thing is true for your Business Space. 

How to add data to a Space

There are two simple ways to add data to a Space:

  • Go to a section of your choice, such as the Passwords section, and click on the green Add new button at the top of the window. Proceed to fill out the details for this new password you wish to add to your Dashlane account and confirm. Upon creation, this password will automatically be placed in the Space you are currently selecting.
  • Go to a website of your choice and visit the login page. Fill in your login information, and confirm. Dashlane will trigger a pop-up, asking you if you wish to save this information to your Dashlane account. This pop-up will feature a More button that you can click to display more options, including a drop-down menu for you to choose the Space to be associated with this new data.

Dashlane Business - in-app webui.png

How to move data between Spaces

In order to move an item from one Space to another, locate the item of your choice, right-click this item and choose Change Space. You can also edit this information from the details of your items.

Dashlane Business - space single item.png

If you wish to move multiple passwords at once (this does not work with Secures Notes and Receipts just yet), you can drag a square over multiple passwords and right-click Change Space. Alternatively, if all the passwords you wish to move to another Space are under the same category, you can move all of them at once to the Space of your choice. To do so:

  • On Windows, go to the Passwords section, then sort your passwords by category (this is a sorting option available in the top right corner of the window). Then, expand the desired category, and click on the More button that should appear right next to your category name to reveal the Change Space option.

Dashlane Business - space category.png

  • On Mac OS X, go to the Passwords section, then sort your passwords by category (this is a sorting option available in the top right corner of the window). Then, right-click the category of your choice and choose Change Space.

If an admin has set up your company's email domain(s) on the Dashlane Business account and enabled the Force company items to company space feature in the Admin Console, your company related items will be automatically forced into your Business Space. To find out more about our Smart Space Management feature please click here: How Smart Space Management affects Dashlane Business team members.


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