How to create a Dashlane Business account

In order to begin using Dashlane Business start a 30-day trial via our website, or contact our Sales team.

Contact our Sales team

If you are looking for pre-sales consulting and a custom deployment plan for Enterprise licensing, our Sales team can walk you through our offerings after filling out our Enterprise form. To contact the Sales team, please go to our Business Pricing page and click on "Contact us" in the Enterprise Licensing box on the right-hand side. One of our Sales representatives will reach out as soon as possible. 

You can click here to go directly to our Enterprise page

Request a trial

If you are looking to start your Dashlane Business account, you can begin a 30-day trial for up to 30 employees.

To do that, go to our Business trial page and fill out the trial form, where you will fill in a few details about you and your company. There, note that the "Company name" is the name of your company as it will appear on the company Space in the app. It can be modified later.

Once you've completed the form, you will be directed to verify the email address you provided in an email that will be sent to you by Dashlane. Please make sure to check your Spam folder if you do not receive the email right away. Please note that the trial cannot start until you verify your email address.

Once you have clicked on "Verify now" you will be directed to create your admin account. This will officially start your Business account trial period. A welcome email will verify the beginning of your trial. 

From here, you will be taken to the Admin Console, where you can invite others to join your Dashlane Business account.

Buy seats on the website

If you think that you are ready to create a Dashlane Business account and would like to skip the trial, another way to start is to buy seats directly on the website. To do that, please fill out the form on this page, and enter your account information such as your company's name, the number of seats you would like to purchase (including the admin), and your payment information.


You may encounter an error during the purchase process if:

  • You are already a part of a different Dashlane Business account. To fix this, please ask the admin of that account to remove you or contact our Support team
  • You have an automatic renewal for your personal Premium account through PayPal or the App Store. To fix this, please disable your automatic renewal

If you don't belong to another Dashlane Business account or don't have automatic renewals on your personal Premium account, but still have a problem, please contact our support team.

Getting started with your Dashlane Business account

Once you have created your account, the next steps will help you make sure your Dashlane account is complete, and has everything you need to start using it with ease and convenience. 

    • In case the installation process did not go through as expected when downloading Dashlane to your computer on your on-boarding process, you can either go to our website to download the app straight to your desktop, or get more information on how to install Dashlane on Windows and Mac in these articles: How to install Dashlane on Windows, How to install Dashlane from the Mac App Store.
    • Once installed, you will be prompted to enter your Master Password. You can always use the eye icon and click on "Show" to view the Master Password you are entering to avoid making any mistakes.

  • Dashlane has tools to allow you to easily import all your passwords from a CSV file or from other password managers. These articles will help you navigate this process to make sure you are taking the proper steps for a secure import. 
  • For more information on how to access the Admin Console please click here
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